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El Diablo doesn’t sell franchises, it awards them!

Our Opportunity.

At El Diablo, we consider ourselves an innovative restaurant and bar concept focused on providing value, sports, and entertainment for our guests. We are super friendly, have fresh cooked to order Mexican food, tons of craft beers, and of course our award-winning Tequilas!
So, we know you’re hungry—not just for award-winning Tequilas or any of our fresh, made-to-order menu items, but also for a restaurant franchise opportunity like no other. Now lets talk a little lingo.

We are now starting franchising operations in the USA in the following States: Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Texas, Nevada, California and Arizona initially and any other State we get interest from.

We will also supply all of these outlets with our very own Naked Diablo Premium Tequila Brand.

Numbers Speak For Themselves

Just $60,000 per week in sales, 52 weeks per year, equates to $3,120,000 in annual revenues.

Just $20,000 per week just in tequila sales is over $1m per year in tequila sales without all the other beverage and food sales.

This is a multi-million dollar generating business from the start and it gives franchisees a very rewarding and successful business model to be an owner of.

How Do I Own My Own El Diablo Franchise?

Please fill in our Franchise form to get more information about becoming a franchisee. Our team is there every step of the way to coach and guide you through the complete process of opening your very own El Diablo Tequila & Taco Bar.

Franchise fee of $50,000 plus a 5% royalty and a 1% national marketing budget to Corporate and the cost to fit out the location.


Franchising continues to grow at an incredible rate and Buffulo Wings, offers a similar competitive product but not as good as what we are offering. They own 1,238 stores, 625 directly owned by the company and 612 franchised locations. Buffalo Wild Wings just sold for $2.4B to Roark Capital.

eat, drink & enjoy

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